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A Groundbreaking Achievement of Outrageous Importance That People Scroll By, Barely Impacted
by Jake Shore

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Artificial intelligence has arrived, and Brooklyn University students are using it to cheat in confounding and futuristically troubling ways. The Assistant Dean is begging the Executive Dean to provide guidance, but how can direction be given for a technology that evolves every 0.5 seconds? Is higher education any match for AI? Or is Brooklyn University on a one-way trip into madness?

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Austin Pendleton stars in the feature film Our Lady of Queens by Joseph Beck. The film tells the tragic love story between James and Lee; a charming and smart (still very much in love) Irish Catholic elderly couple living with the reality of Lee's dementia diagnosis. After struggling to care for Lee, James and the family nurse call their three adult children home to their apartment in Queens, NY for a special birthday party.

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