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Tues Feb 20th at 8PM
blood, by Christopher Carter Sanderson

Our monthly reading series! Come see some f*cked up new scripts. Suggested donation $10 - Pay What You Can - You must reserve seats.

Over gin and tonics at his sister’s party in NYC's East Village, the ghost of a young white man’s father returns to demand revenge for a horror committed long ago in the family’s ancestral seat: small-town Altamont, North Carolina – in the South. With the help of his sister, who is a statistician, her friend, who is a psychopharmacological (so good, she’s slightly magical) chemist, and her other friend who is a budding true-crime novelist, the young man sets out and seeks his family’s horrific truth... with the help of a little magic. Or is it drugs? Maybe both.

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Our monthly drag show! Hot Snakes! is a queer monthly show celebrating the adventure of drag and sacred sisterhood. Join us in our draggy crusade!
$7 cover at the door - Reserve your spot online!!! (highly recommended)

1st Annual Outta Bounds Independent Film Challenge
Sun Sept 24th @ 7pm

A truly independent festival for filmmakers of all levels to express themselves through the art of filmmaking during a troubling time in the industry. No fancy cameras or prior experience are required to enter

•Wed Sept 6th at 8pm - Soirée and Genre Selection

•Thurs Sept 21st at 11:59pm DEADLINE

•Sun Sept 24th at 7pm - Screening!

The submission fee is $30, payable by Sept 6th. This fee is for venue rental and supplies to put on the event. Filmmakers are responsible for the agreements in their film and retain all rights, utilization, and exhibition eligibility.

Contact for more info


Austin Pendleton stars in the feature film Our Lady of Queens by Joseph Beck. The film tells the tragic love story between James and Lee; a charming and smart (still very much in love) Irish Catholic elderly couple living with the reality of Lee's dementia diagnosis. After struggling to care for Lee, James and the family nurse call their three adult children home to their apartment in Queens, NY for a special birthday party.

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Outta Bounds Productions is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) public charity that helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources. Contributions for the purposes of Outta Bounds Productions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.